A Message from Rev. Dale A.P. Anderson

It is my great honor to endorse Chip Cravaack as the Congressional  District 8 Candidate to run against Jim Oberstar.

As a Conservative who was shaped by traditional values, the struggle of living in rural America,  and a small business owner who has been to the corners of this great state and nation, I can tell you this.  Chip has more in common with Minnesotans than most politicians.   I am a firm believer in the U.S. Constitution and the powers that limit the Federal Government.  Chip also has the same beliefs.  I have talked with him and feel comfortable that he has the desire to reign in government and represent ALL Minnesotans, not just those who contribute large sums to a political coffer, and go to Washington to be OUR voice.

Like myself, Chip believes that the foremost goal of the Federal government is to provide a common national defense.  As a first hand witness to 9/11, I believe we need strong men of strong character who will not bow to our enemies…but defeat them.  This world is not a playground.  Unless America has forgotten…America is at war.  We did not declare war, but war was declared on us.  As a fellow oath keeper, a man in uniform, just because he takes off that uniform, does mean he takes off that oath.  Chip has served this country, and I believe he will continue to serve and protect this country.  Our future depends on it.  The current state in Washington D.C. is that we can patronize and apologize to the rest of the world.  America needs to stand up, alone if need be, and defeat the threats against America.  I believe Chip Cravaack has the will, the honor, the courage to do that.

As a Christian, and a Pastor, I know that Chip can relate to the struggles of the traditional family and the war that is being waged upon it.  As a conservative, we learn to live on Principles.  “Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime.” Although it is a proverb that its author is unknown…the Conservative Principle is a longstanding one. Self sufficiency and self respect.

Conservatives and Christians must teach that handups go a lot farther than… handouts. This is the PRIMARY DIFFERENCE between a Conservative and a Liberal.  And I believe that Chip is the man who is going to go to Washington and fight for that principle. With it comes the restoration of our freedoms, our rights, our dreams of pursuing the American Dream.

As a former Mayor myself, I can tell you, getting into politics is hard.  It is a hard lesson to say no.  To make do with less and do more with less.  But for the economy to return to levels that can sustain itself, America needs to live within its means.  Chip Cravaack understands this principle.  It is the essence of being responsible.  Help me and Minnesota by choosing Chip Cravvack to be the man who defeats Oberstar.  Not for the Republican party….but for all of Minnesota, and for the benefit of this Great Nation …the United States of America.

Thank you.  And may the Peace of Christ be with you.

Rev. Dale A.P. Anderson

Backus, MN

Rev. Dale A.P. Anderson

7116 State 87 sw

Backus, MN 56435

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