A Solid Win for Chip Cravaack

A Solid Win for Chip Cravaack

Chip Cravaack was humbled and honored to receive the Republican Endorsement to run against 35-year incumbent Jim Oberstar in Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District on Saturday.  Chip was endorsed on the first ballot with 68% of the vote, showing great solidarity and support for this phenomenal candidate.

We appreciate the help and support from all of the dedicated people who have sacrificed and worked to ensure Chip would move forward in the fight to take back the 8th District.  We have had tremendous support from across the district and look forward to working with people so clearly dedicated to the cause of taking back our country, and returning to the common sense principles of our fore fathers.

It is time to hit the ground running.  We are up to the challenge of forcing the retirement of our current congressman, and look forward to welcoming Chip as the next congressman from the 8th District of the great state of Minnesota.  Let’s take it to the 8th!

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Congratulations, Chip! We’re behind you 100%.

rodney hansen

I wish you well .And hope for a srtong showing in our liberal state.

Ken Cobb

Chip, congratulations on your endorsement! I cannot express how excited I am to have a candidate of your caliber to take on Oberstar!

Jason and Nikki DeVries

We are excited about our future! Congrats Chip!

Claudia and Paul Todd

You were a winner when we meet you in Bemidji. Congratulations, Chip!

Marilyn Phillips

Congratulations, Chip. We’re with you on this one. Time to give Jim the heave-ho. He’s betrayed the district and the citizens of Minnesota. Time for a change. Let’s go get ‘em.

James Love

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Those of us who have known you since high school are not surprised by your dedication to this cause, nor your success to date. The people of the 8th District will be fortunate to have a “Man for Others” of your caliber representing them in Congress; benefit the influence of your Jesuit education and its underlying tradition of service, where faith informs ones positions but does not dictate them.

Congratulations Chip…continued best wishes with your campaign and on to November’s elections!

There are not nearly enough folks on this site!! How anyone can even think about another term of spend, spend, spend? Everyone needs to either get a job or find another career. WPA type work comes to mind, much better than a year of entitlements for sitting on one’s butt for $$$.
Good luck Chip!

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