John Carlson: Bemidji, MN

We are truly blessed here in the 8th Congressional District to have 4 good candidates willing to set aside the next 7 months of their lives to work their tails off to force the retirement of Jim Oberstar.

I have been at many of the same BPOU monthly meetings with these fine gentlemen as I have been campaigning for my own race in Senate District 4.  It gives me a unique perspective in that I have heard all of them more than just a few times. In my opinion, one candidate truly stands out as our best hope to unseat the incumbent liberal.  That candidate is Chip Cravaack.

Having run an unsuccessful campaign in 2008 for House District 4A I can tell you the difference between winning and losing an election comes down to organization.  The candidate with the best grassroots campaign will be successful.

Chip has demonstrated his core conservative principles.  He certainly has the personality and charisma.  But even more importantly, he has built an incredible organization.  The participation of the dozens of campaign volunteers he has already assembled is staggering. It will take a legion of volunteers to unseat Oberstar and I believe that Chip is heads and shoulders above the other candidates in building that volunteer army.

Please join me on April 10 in endorsing Chip Cravaack, a leader with integrity and common sense, as our next Congressman for the 8th District.

John Carlson

Candidate for Senate District 4

Bemidji, MN

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