Paul Gazelka Brainerd, MN

I am writing this letter in support of 8th District Congressional candidate, Chip Cravaack.  We have a great group of candidates but after hearing all the candidates I think Chip Cravaack is the clear choice to challenge and defeat Oberstar this November.

For a candidate to get my support, they have to be right on the issues, be a person of personal and professional good character and integrity, and finally, they need to be able to inspire me.  Chip Cravaack meets and exceeds those requirements.

Chip is unashamedly pro-life and family because he recognizes that life, marriage, and family are all gifts from our loving God.  As a former State Representative and co-author of DOMA and pro-life legislation those issues are very important to me.  Chip is also a champion for freedom and our second amendment rights proving so by serving our country in the Navy and at the Pentagon.  Chip also recognizes that jobs are best created by the private sector and will work hard to help American businesses succeed in these tough economic times.

As to the role of government, Chip Cravaack recognizes that our Federal government needs to be reigned in.  He will stand with other conservative Republicans against the onslaught of big-government expansion.  The same qualities that made him a warrior-patriot will be called upon to hold the line against the big spending Democrats at the capitol…and he won’t back down.  Once the line is held, he will work with other conservatives to create a more limited government.

Probably the most unique qualification Chip brings to the table is that he was a union rep for the pilots of Northwest Airlines.  Having lived in Virginia and Duluth I know first hand the importance of being able to understand union thinking without compromising on some union attitudes that destroy competition and the ability for U.S. Companies to quickly adapt to world markets.  Having been within the union allows Chip an open door to the typical union worker, many of whom share the same traditional values that you and I hold, but have no say because of the union hierarchy that tilts towards the DFL.  Only Chip has the ability to counter Union leadership by going directly to the union workers with a message of job growth by reigning in government spending.

This is the time to defeat Jim Oberstar and the Democrats.  Chip is made of the right stuff to do just that.  Please join me Saturday in voting to endorse Chip Cravaack for Congress in the 8th District.


Paul Gazelka

Brainerd, MN

Endorsed Candidate State Senate District 12

local business owner.

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