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Good news, we’ve got liberal Jim Oberstar on the run! In town after town, all across the district I am seeing people fired up and ready to defeat liberal Jim Oberstar and take our country back. We are campaigning hard and in some areas I visit they tell me that they have never seen a candidate for Congress in their town before.

The wind is at our back. Yesterday Gallup came out with a generic ballot poll showing that voters prefer the Republican candidate for Congress over the Democratic candidate by 10 points. This is the largest lead for Republicans Gallup has ever recorded since they started this poll in 1950.

A recent article said that the Democrats are in “panic mode” and “dozens of Democratic incumbents are scrambling to keep their jobs.” One of these incumbents is Jim Oberstar.

One strategist even said, “We’re seeing races where the Republican has next to no name ID and is either leading or tied. That means the incumbent loses.” Make no mistake; we will defeat incumbent Jim Oberstar. His 35 years in Congress are about to end, but I need your help.

In order to take our country back I need to get my message out into the district. We’ve put over 15,000 miles on our RV so far listening to voters across the district in town hall meetings. These personal connections to voters are vital to our campaign strategy.

As you know, fuel is expensive even without Oberstar’s 10 to 12 cent gas tax recently touted by his communications director. It costs about $160 to fill our tank. Will you help us keep us on the road by CLICKING HERE contributing $40 for a quarter tank of gas, $75 for a half tank, $150 for a tank, or up to the $2,400 maximum?

Please help us! We need to raise $10,000 by Labor Day in order to keep us on the road through November 2nd. Click HERE!

Onward and upward,

Chip Cravaack

P.S. I am counting on you to help us stay on the road and spreading our message. Will you CLICK HERE and donate $75, $150, $300, or more today?

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