Incumbent “won’t look us in the eye.”

We had a great day door knocking on the western edge of the district. Between Menahga and Wadena, we hit about 400 houses. Many people were surprised that a Congressional candidate would bother to show up at their door and ask what issues concern them.

After dinner at the Pizza Ranch, we capped off the night with a meet and greet at the Wadena County GOP headquarters. A group of about 30 Wadena residents came to listen to Chip, although Chip spent more time listening to them. Their concerns were similar to the rest of America: the ever-expanding national debt that will be passed on to future generations, how Obamacare will harm our economy and great healthcare system, bankrupt social security, and our porous souther border.

Afterwards, I spoke with a Ranger (for those out of the district, a Ranger is a person from the Iron Range) who grew up in Nashwauk about 20 miles from Chisholm, where Congressman Oberstar used to live. This man was a former teacher who actually played basketball against Oberstar in high school.

He has voted for Oberstar in the past but won’t this year. His main reason was Obamacare. It wasn’t so much the bill itself as it was Oberstar has yet to hold a single town hall meeting to answer questions about the bill. As he put it, “Oberstar won’t look us in the eye.”

This is an example of what people look for in their representatives. They don’t expect to agree with 100% of the votes their Congressperson makes, but they expect accountability and straight answers. They expect principle, something they have seen Oberstar abandon for the sake of political gain.

Chip was asked at the meet and greet if he would make a difficult, but right, choice if it meant he might lose votes. Chip said he is not running for Congress to be reelected.  He is doing it to get our country on the right track so he can enjoy weekends at the cabin with his family and not worry about what kind of country he is leaving for his sons.

I could see in people’s faces that they found this a refreshing change to politics as usual.

We just arrived at a campground in Crow Wing for the night and will be moving out tomorrow morning to meet with veterans in Brainerd before some more door knocking in Milaca.

-Nick Walker, Campaign Staffer

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It really IS refreshing to hear a qualified candidate chose his future family life with his kids over a career in the cesspool of DC.

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