September 28th Newsletter

November 2nd is in five short weeks, five weeks until we send a message to the Washington establishment that Americans are fed up with career politicians and failed leadership. We will set a new course for the country that follows the Constitution and common sense principles.

When the unpopular health care bill was passed, Al Sharpton said that the American people “overwhelmingly voted for socialism” in 2008. In 2010, Americans will come out and vote overwhelmingly against bailouts, failed stimulus plans, and government takeovers and waste.

This is will be a watershed year for the principle of economic growth through limited, Constitutional government.


Captain Chip Cravaack
USNR – Retired

More endorsements for Chip

Chip continues to receive major endorsements that add to our broad coalition of Minnesotans ready for new representation in the 8th district. Read about our two most recent endorsements:

Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation PAC

Cravaack is the only non-incumbent to receive the endorsement from the bi-partisan group that also endorsed Democrat Collin Peterson in Minnesota’s 7th Congressional District.

“I am honored to receive this endorsement from Minnesota’s farmers and rachers,” Cravaack said. “I recognize the crucial role that these producers play in not only providing food, but in providing jobs as well.”

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Independence Party candidate Tim Olson

“I will do everything in my power to ensure that Chip Cravaack is elected to Congress.” Olson, a former business owner, “knows the hardships of owning a business and trying to keep good jobs in Northern Minnesota.”

“Tim, a lifelong Minnesotan and a devoted husband, father, brother, and son, is a tremendous individual. He understands, more than anyone, what we need to do to bring sustainable, meaningful work back to this great state. I am absolutely humbled by his support,” Cravaack said.

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Watch your email on Thursday for another major endorsement announcement!

Chip responds to the passage of the Small Business Jobs and Credit Act

After passing through the House and Senate despite strong opposition, President Obama will sign the so-called “Small Business Jobs and Credit Act” into law. The bill is election year posturing and will do little to help create jobs. Chip’s statement:

“This bill ignores the real problems that are preventing businesses from creating jobs. If Congressman Oberstar spent less time talking with lobbyists and Washington insiders and more with small business owners in our district, he would know that their main concerns are taxes and the costly regulations imposed on them by Congress.

If Congressman Oberstar was serious about helping small businesses, he would stop the tax hikes that are set to hit middle class families so they have money to spend and spur economic activity. He would end the costly ObamaCare regulations and mandates, and work for real economic development instead of ‘bringing home the bacon.’”

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Thank you for your support!

We are just 35 days away from Election Day on November 2nd. Can you donate $35 today to help purchase radio spots so that Chip’s message of job creation and economic growth through limted government and fiscal common sense spreads even faster? Just $35 per day is a small price to pay for a leader like Chip Cravaack in Congress.
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