Former Speaker Newt Gingrich predicts Cravaack will upset Oberstar

Minneapolis, Minn. – Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House of Representatives, predicted that Chip Cravaack will upset 35-year incumbent Congressman Jim Oberstar while speaking at a press conference in Minneapolis today.

Gingrich said the race in Minnesota’s 8th District was, ”going to be one of the great upset stories in the country this year.”

Referencing the poll published this week showing the race in a dead heat Gingrich said, “I was startled by the poll numbers. I suspect Oberstar is startled by the poll numbers.”

Gingrich noted similarities between 2010 and 1994, the year Republicans won a net of 54 House seats but said that voters are angrier and the economy is worse.

“I like Jim Oberstar as a person, we worked together on the aviation subcommittee, we have a good relationship,” Gingrich said. “He also represents every element of big tax, big government, Washington-centered, politician-dominated systems.”

“I agree that Congressman Oberstar is a great man and applaud him for his service to Northern Minnesota. After being in DC for 47 years, it is time for him to go,” Cravaak said. “We’ve seen in the last 18-months that throwing money around doesn’t create jobs. It is time for a new direction.”

The poll, conducted by Public Opinion Strategies, showed Congressman Jim Oberstar leading Chip Cravaack by just  three points and within the margin of error (42-45).

Newt Gingrich was in Minneapolis for a press conference for Republican Gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer.

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