ICYMI: Chip Cravaack in the media this week

A poll released last week that showed Chip Cravaack within three points of 18-term incumbent Congressman Jim Oberstar has catapulted the race into the spotlight, attracting national media coverage. The race was recently moved out of the “Safe” column by political handicappers and is now considered “in play.” Here are some clips from this week:

Special Report on FOX News
Brett Baier said that “18-term incumbent Congressman Jim Oberstar has a real challenge from Republican Chip Cravaack” and that our race could signal a huge wave.
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National Review: Another longtime Democrat spending like he’s in touble
Jim Geraghty singles out our race and notes that in the last quarter alone, Congressman Oberstar “spent $835,000 in the third quarter of 2010, more than 4 times the roughly $200,000 he spent in the same period last cycle.” Geraghty said the spending means “It would seem Republican challenger Chip Cravaack has got Oberstar… well, sc-aa-red.”
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National Journal Hotline On Call: Races to Know: Vulnerable Veterans
Wasserman notes that we are picking up traction “as the political environment sours for Democrats in working-class districts who have voted for unpopular bills” such as the failed stimulus, cap-and-trade, and ObamaCare.
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Minnesota Public Radio
Annie Baxter talks with Dave Wasserman of the Cook Political Report about the possibility of an upset in the 8th Congressional District. Wasserman says that “we can’t discount the possibility that there will be some long term Democratic veterans who will be surprised on election night.”
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KSTP: Oberstar in tough battle
Congressman Jim Oberstar’s GOP opponent claims he has an internal poll that shows him just three points behind the 18-term incumbent. Oberstar doesn’t dismiss the challenge from Republican Chip Cravaack, but he’s still confident of victory.
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