Wart Removal – Using Kitchen Ingredients

Written by Philip

For those who don’t realize, warts are actually benign tumors which often appear on a person’s hands & feet, though they can grow almost anywhere on the human body.

These small growths can be rather ugly to look at, yet what’s worse about them is that they can also be quite contagious. One person who is afflicted with this will surely suffer aesthetic problems for a long period of time.

Some people actually think that there’s nothing really serous behind these growths, and while it is true that it won’t critically affect a person’s health, it is actually viral.

In fact, the root cause of these growths is the human papilloma virus, also known as HPV. Since it’s a virus, one who gets in contact with it will surely be afflicted. It is because of this that people are trying to find several ways of wart removal.

Below are some options that one can consider for this matter.

If a person wishes to get rid of warts, the usual options involving medical procedures include cryogenic removal. This form of treatment is actually carried out through the use of liquid nitrogen, surgical curettages and laser surgery.

In a general sense, because it is a medical procedure, one who undergoes it might actually suffer through some bit of pain & discomfort.

In addition to this, he or she might also risk getting some scars on where the affected areas once were. Due to these side effects, people have started opting for more natural treatments instead.

Besides, the only thing that’s as bad as spending too much money on medical procedures and seeing a lot of unwanted results, is paying way too much money for something that won’t be satisfying at all.

Below are some natural remedies to removing warts effectively.

  1. Banana peelBanana peel – This is a rather simple treatment that people can carry out anything they want, since they’re sure to find some fruits in the fridge, or even purchase some at the local supermarket for relatively low cost. The peels only need to be applied on the wart, fixing it in place with the use of some duct tape or bandages. However, what people need to realize is that this method won’t be immediate with regard to results. It will take some time, possibly for several weeks, before the warts completely disappear. Nonetheless, despite the long waiting time, the results are pretty good.
  2. Apple cider vinegar – While this is another form of treatment which is more known for culinary use, apple cider vinegar actually has very good results in eliminating the presence of warts on the body. All one needs to do is dab a bit of the solution on a cotton ball, then simply duct tape it over the affected area. This can be left on overnight, though some people might find the vinegar to be a skin irritant, especially if they have highly sensitive skin. In the event that the vinegar proves to be slightly too harsh on the skin, one only needs to apply this remedy again after two days. The results can pop up in as short as a week if it is performed properly.

These are two natural methods of wart removal, and what’s even better is that they both involve ingredients which can be found in the kitchen. Talk about cost-effective.

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