Retired teacher answers the question, “Why Chip?”

I am a “seasoned” citizen who was raised in Washington DC in a political family where both parents worked in the federal government. As children, we were expected to have read the newspaper and take part in the discussions at the dinner table. Therefore, I have been a “political junkie” my entire life and worked [...]

CAPT Kurt Storey, USN

When I was a Plebe at the U.S. Naval Academy, my first exposure to true selfless and inspiring leadership that was at the innate core being of a person…was Midshipman First Class Chip Cravaack, USN. I looked up to him in awe then, as I still do now after 26 years of service. The U.S. [...]

8th District Jobs

A question was raised on our last conference call regarding jobs in the 8th District and I have been doing some research.  The amount of jobs that Oberstar created or saved in and around the Iron Range is unknown and unknowable. Here’s what is known. Massive areas of Northern Minnesota are under federal control since [...]

The Next Generation’s Debt

Americans across the country are realizing that the debt we are passing to the next generation is an unacceptable incumbent strategy. Bringing home the pork means passing off the debt to our children and grandchildren. If this is just as intolerable to you as it is to me then I hope you will join the [...]

A Solid Win for Chip Cravaack

Chip Cravaack was humbled and honored to receive the Republican Endorsement to run against 35-year incumbent Jim Oberstar in Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District on Saturday. Chip was endorsed on the first ballot with 68% of the vote, showing great solidarity and support for this phenomenal candidate.

Sandy Juettner Kanabec County BPOU

We are in serious danger of the America that we grew up with being changed forever, in danger of losing our freedom, becoming dependent on our government, losing our initiative, our incentive to strive, succeed and prosper.

Sheldon Anderson Mayor of Wyoming, MN

I am writing to endorse a great patriot, decorated veteran, consistent conservative, and my friend, Chip Cravaack. Over the past eight months, you have had the opportunity to meet Chip and hear his conservative message.

Paul Gazelka Brainerd, MN

I am writing this letter in support of 8th District Congressional candidate, Chip Cravaack. We have a great group of candidates but after hearing all the candidates I think Chip Cravaack is the clear choice to challenge and defeat Oberstar this November.

John Carlson: Bemidji, MN

We are truly blessed here in the 8th Congressional District to have 4 good candidates willing to set aside the next 7 months of their lives to work their tails off to force the retirement of Jim Oberstar.

A Message from Rev. Dale A.P. Anderson

It is my great honor to endorse Chip Cravaack as the Congressional District 8 Candidate to run against Jim Oberstar. As a Conservative who was shaped by traditional values, the struggle of living in rural America, and a small business owner who has been to the corners of this great state and nation, I can tell you this. Chip has more in common with Minnesotans than most politicians.

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